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Insured Loss Claim Procedures

Welcome to the blog of S.A.H. Disaster Restoration.  We created our blog for tenants, homeowners, property managers, strata councils, insurance adjusters, & insurance brokerages.

Our focus at S.A.H. Disaster Restoration is to help individuals in their time of need.  We have seen it all, from small leaks to total losses.  We aim to provide all necessary information throughout the duration of your loss to keep you informed at all times.  We are knowledgeable of industry standard operating procedures & insurance procedures.  We utilize our knowledge as a water damage restoration contractor to protect your home & your health 24 hours a day.

Homeowners reach out to S.A.H. Disaster Restoration via our website, 24HR toll free emergency response line, or referrals from previous clients.  Shortly after responding to your home, you will begin to regain peace of mind after talking to one of our emergency restoration technicians & gaining an understanding of the water damage restoration process. 

-Our 1st order of business during an emergency water damage loss is to remove any standing water from your home using water extractors, sump pumps, or extraction units. 

-Upon completion of water extraction & sanitization, equipment set up begins on Class 1(Clean water) losses to begin the structural drying process.  Structures damaged from clean water will be dried using air movers, dehumidifiers, pressurized heat dryers, & other specialty drying equipment. 

-A clean water loss typically takes 4-7 days to dry building materials to safe moisture levels for building occupants & to prevent mold or microbial growth.

-Asbestos testing is required for homes built pre 1990.  Removal of potential asbestos containing materials will not begin until the asbestos lab report is available for review.  The report is available within 2-24hrs after submitting the asbestos samples to our lab for testing.

-Asbestos is often found in drywall, ceiling texture, vinyl sheet flooring, vinyl floor tile, & insulation in your attic.  

-Some building materials may be removed after a water damage loss such as laminate flooring, underpad, MDF, mouldings, & cabinets. 

-Some building materials may be safely dried using our drying equipment such as wood framing, carpet, & drywall on walls or ceilings. 

-We utilize moisture detectors & thermal image cameras to inspect your home to determine the moisture content of affected building materials. 

-The drying process is documented with photos, equipment logs, & thermal images during the 1st 4-7 days of structural drying to provide the necessary documentation to your insurance provider. 

-During the course of your loss, we are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions via our 24HR toll free emergency response line or info@sahrestoration.com.   

-Call as many times as you would like, you are never a bother.  We understand your situation & are here to help anytime.

Your typical insurance claim is broken down into 3 steps

1.  Emergency response & mitigating damages to your property

-Water extraction, SANITATION, equipment set up, & daily monitoring of equipment

-Drying or removal of affected building materials

-Documentation of drying procedures to provide to your insurance provider

-Communication via phone & email

2.  Repair Estimate

-Flooring samples are submitted to a 3rd party to provide an accurate replacement cost of your flooring.  The flooring assessment it used to determine the replacement cost of your flooring.

-Upon completion of Step 1, a detailed repair scope & quotation will be provided to your insurance adjuster prior to starting building repairs

-2 quotations are often required by your insurance provider

-Approval is required from your insurance provider for repairs prior to starting repairs to your home

3.  Repairs

-Upon receiving approval to start repairs, repairs will be scheduled as soon as possible to restore your home

-Flooring, paint, cabinets, counter tops, & mouldings will be chosen by the homeowner

-If you wish to complete upgrades to your home, upgrades will be discussed prior to starting building repairs