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What is ICC?

During the estimating phase of your claim, your flooring value is determined by ICC & an ICC flooring retailer to ensure an accurate flooring value is assigned to the flooring removed from your home during your loss.

A sample of your flooring is removed from site & submitted to ICC for validation.  The ICC validation will provide your contractor with a repair value to replace your flooring removed during your loss.  Your flooring validation will be of like kind & quality to the flooring removed from your home.  The ICC validation process will ensure the flooring replacement value is equal to the flooring removed from your home.

Once your flooring value has been determined through the ICC process & your repair contractor has been assigned to complete your repairs, the home owner may choose new flooring within the value assigned by ICC (Ex:  Carpet $2.99 per sq ft.).  Should the home owner decide to upgrade flooring prior to starting repairs, the additional cost is the responsibility of the home owner & can be discussed with your contractor prior to starting repairs.