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Fentanyl Testing, Cleaning, & Decontamination

S.A.H. Disaster Restoration Services is an experienced Hazardous Materials Contractor in Mold Remediation, Asbestos Abatement, Drug Lab Remediation, Bio Hazard Cleaning, & Trauma Scene Cleaning. 

The request for Fentanyl Testing, Fentanyl Cleaning, & Fentanyl Decontamination has drastically increased as Fentanyl has become a household name in Vancouver British Columbia & surrounding areas.  Our staff are trained in Safe Work Procedures to Safely Test or Decontaminate your property from Fentanyl Abuse or Fentanyl Production.   

It is crucial to treat all possible Fentanyl containing materials as Fentanyl until inspected by a Qualified Person.  Seek assistance as needed by experts to keep yourself, co-workers, family members and the general public safe.

Prior to commencing Fentanyl Decontamination, the following steps are suggested to ensure the Safety of Workers & Building Occupants.

Step 1:  Fentanyl Site Inspection (Drug Detection & Identification Products are used to identify Fentanyl residue contaminates on surfaces.  If Fentanyl use is known within the property, surface sampling may not be required)

Step 2.  Fentanyl Risk Assessment

Upon completion of Positive Fentanyl Identification & Fentanyl Risk Assessment, our Hazardous Materials Project Manager will create a Fentanyl Exposure Control Plan, Fentanyl Decontamination Safe Work Procedures, & Site Specific Health & Safety Plan for your property.  Porous items such as carpets, bedding, drapes, & clothing are suggested to be disposed as Fentanyl Contaminated Hazardous Waste.  Non-porous items such as hard wood furniture, wood floors, drywall walls & ceiling, cabinets, doors, & windows may be cleaned & treated with a product to reduce microscopic chemical residues to the smallest levels possible.  Walls, floors, ceiling, & ducts are suggested to be cleaned & encapsulated.  The Fentanyl Risk Assessment & Fentanyl Exposure Control plan may require Surface Wipe Sampling for residual contaminates post Fentanyl decontamination cleaning.  Air Clearance Sampling may be required in High Risk Scenarios.  A Clearance Document is issued upon successful Fentanyl Decontamination indicating the proper decontamination procedures were followed & the property is safe for re-occupancy.  The Clearance Document may be used to apply for a Re-Occupancy permit as per City Bylaws.

Please contact S.A.H. Disaster Restoration & speak to our Fentanyl Testing & Fentanyl Decontamination specialist for additional information.

A great source for Fentanyl Information can be found at https://www.fentanylsafety.com/.

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